Choose a pass

You can buy a day, week or season pass. When you have an active pass, you can take an unlimited amount of 30-minute bike trips. When a single bike trip lasts for over 30 minutes, an overage fee is incurred. It is also possible to pay for short time use of a bike per minute on the CityBike Vantaa app.

The Vantaa system is not compatible with the system in Helsinki and Espoo and you cannot mix bikes from the two systems.
Charge per minute
1 €/initial charge + 0.10 €/min
  • Charge per minute available only via the CityBike Vantaa app.
  • The maximum time of use in 5 hours. If you exceed this time, you will be charged 80 euros for the delay.
80 €
Maximum cycling time is 5 hours. If you exceed 5 hours, an €80 delay fee will be charged.