See you again in April!

The city bike season has ended. The new season will start in Vantaa on 1 April 2021. Hope to see you back on a bike then!

This is how it works



Register on this page if you want to buy a season, daily or weekly pass. If you want to use your HSL card to pick up a bike at a station, enter you HSL card number.

Alternatively, you can register using the CityBike Vantaa app if you want to buy a daily or weekly pass, or to pay for short time use of a bike per minute.



You can see the locations of bike stations and availability of bikes on the map of stations on the city bike website, in the Journey Planner and on the CityBike Vantaa app. If you have linked your HSL card to your user account, unlock a bike by showing your HSL card to the card reader in the middle of the handlebar. If you use the CityBike Vantaa app, open the app and scan the QR code on the lock to on the rear wheel unlock the bike.



You can ride a bike for up to 30 minutes at a time with no extra fee. Always ride on the bicycle lanes or on the roadway. Walk your bike on the pavement.

If you are using the CityBike Vantaa app you can take a break and lock the bike temporarily. Insert the locking bolt between the spokes. Select “Break” on the app. Please note that we will continue to charge you for your journey. Unlock the bike by selecting “End break” and scan the QR code on the lock.



Return the bike to any city bike station in Vantaa. Push the bike into a dock and lock it with the cable. If the dock is full, leave the bike next to another city bike. Wrap the cable around the rack or around another bike and secure it to the bike you are returning. A beep signals that the bike is securely docked. If you are using the CityBike Vantaa app, select “End ride”. Make sure that you get a confirmation that your ride has ended through the app. If you are using the HSL card, you can confirm your ride has ended correctly on your personal city bike page. If you are a season pass holder, you can see your user information and ride history on your personal page or on the app.

If you are using the CityBike Vantaa app, you can also see your information on the app.

How to find city bikes

See the locations of city bikes on the map and find an available bike.

Responsible for the city bikes

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