Bikes at the station

What is a city bike?

City bikes are shared bicycles available to everyone in Helsinki or Espoo. For a city bike user, a bicycle is always close by, and it’s easy to get around and exercise while doing so!

You can purchase access to city bikes for a day, week or the entire cycling season. All passes include an unlimited number of 30-minute bike rides. For a small extra fee, you can use the bike for longer, five hours at most. After use, the bike is returned to a bike station. 

In Helsinki bike stations are located to the south of Ring Road I. The most easterly station is in Vartiokylä. In Espoo stations are in south-eastern Espoo and Leppävaara.

You can register as a city bike user on the HSL city bikes webpage. A day pass user can get access to 1–4 bikes; other passes only include one bike.

The city bike system

How many city bikes and bike stations are there?

There are 3,510 bikes in season 2020. Helsinki has 241 and Espoo 110 bike stations. 

Who’s responsible for the city bike system?

In Helsinki, HKL (Helsinki City Transport) is responsible for the city bike system. In Espoo, Espoo Technical and Environment Services is responsible. The system is administered by CityBike Finland. HSL is responsible for marketing, the city bikes online service and for the city bikes as part of the HSL app and Reittiopas. Ad space is sold by Clear Channel and the main partner of the city bike service is HOK Elanto.

Who pays for the city bike system?

HKL (Helsinki City Transport) and Espoo City Technical and Environment Services run the system. Costs are met by advertising, sponsoring and usage fees.

Who manufactures the city bikes?

The city bikes are made by French sports goods giant Decathlon. The bike is designed as a city bike for Smoove, who focus on bike sharing, and similar bikes are in use in other cities in Europe and North America.

What are the bikes like?

City bikes have three gears, hand brakes, white front lights and red rear lights. The bikes also have front baskets. The screen and user interface are in the middle of the handlebar. You can pull out the cable lock from the right side of the handlebar. The bike number is located on the frame above the pedals.

What happens if a bike station is full or empty?

A service team monitors the stations’ status and re-distributes the bikes as necessary. Sometimes, when demand is high, a station can momentarily be full or empty of bikes. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding! 

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