See you again in April!

The city bike season has ended. The new season will start in Helsinki and Espoo on 1 April 2021. Hope to see you back on a bike then!

This is how it works



Buy a daily, weekly or season pass by debit/credit card.

You will get a personal cyclist ID and a PIN code to pick up a bike. If you have previously used city bikes with your HSL card and you now have a new HSL, order a new cyclist ID and, if you wish, replace it with your new HSL card.



Find the closest available bike and hop on! You can see the locations of bike stations and available bikes here.



You can make as many 30-minute bike rides as you like. If you keep a bike for more than 30 minutes at a time without docking it, you will be charged extra for each additional 30 minutes. Return the bike to a station within a maximum of five hours.



You can return the bike at any city bike station. Once you have docked the bike and received a confirmation that the bike was successfully returned, you will no longer be responsible for it. You can return the bike to a full station, if the “Return” option is available on the bike’s screen.

How to find city bikes

See the locations of city bikes on the map and find an available bike.

Facts about the bikes

Responsible for the city bikes

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Implementation of the system

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