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By offering the city bike service to your employees, you encourage them to cycle, which is an excellent way to improve health and increase work capacity. Send your company information using the form below. You can order your employees a code to use when they register with the city bike service that will cover the season pass fee, €30. Possible extra fees and other fees are charged to the employee’s payment card. Fill in the number of employees for whom you wish to order a code. All your employees will use the same code. When the maximum number of users is reached, the code is no longer accepted for payment. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an invoice via email. The code will be sent once you have paid the invoice.

The voucher codes ordered using the form below are a tax-free staff benefit. According to the Finnish tax administration, “the city bike benefit can be considered equal to voluntary physical activity referred to in Article 69, paragraph 5 of the Income Tax Act. The benefit is tax-free if it is offered to all employees, it can be used only by the employees and the employer pays any fees directly to the service provider”. Please note that if you already offer sports and culture vouchers, the combined value of those and the city bike benefit must not exceed 400 euros.

Order voucher codes for the city bike servic

Other ways of acquiring city bike passes (please note that the benefit is not tax-free if the above conditions set by the tax administration are not met).

Several user accounts, one company payment card

Employees, to whom the employer wishes to offer the possibility of using city bikes, are registered as city bike users atörät. A city bike account is created for each employee and each employee gets a 7-digit cyclist ID and 4-digit PIN code. The company’s payment card details are entered on the service website. Season pass fees and any overage fees (when a bike ride is longer than 30 minutes) are charged to the company’s payment card. Please note, that also any penalty fees (80 euros if the maximum 5-hour ride time is exceeded, or 400 euros if a bike is not returned within 24 hours) are charged to the employer. Invoices do not detail the users of city bikes.

As each employee has a personal city bike account, they can replace the 7-digit cyclist ID with their Travel Card the first time they pick up a city bike. This makes picking up a bike at a bike station easier as the employees only need their Travel Card and personal PIN code.

If the employer wants to control the use of the bikes, a written authorization is needed from the employees to obtain data on their bike use from CityBike Finland.

One user account, one company payment card

The employer creates a city bike account and enters the company’s payment card details. At the first time an employee picks up a city bike, an employer representative can replace the 7-digit cyclist ID with a multi-user Travel Card shared by the company staff. If you want to use city bikes with more than one Travel Card, or you want to use more than one bike at a time, you need to create several user accounts because only one Travel Card can be linked to a user account and only one bike can be used at a time with one user account.

All fees are charged to the company’s payment card. The employer can monitor the use of the bikes under one user account.

Several user accounts, employees’ payment cards

Each emploee registers as a city bike user personally, enters their payment card details and pays the fees. Employees email their receipts to the employer, who refunds the fees to the employees.