Get on the saddle!

For a city bike user, a bicycle is always nearby: There are 150 city bike stations in Helsinki. Espoo currently has 70 stations, with 35 more to be added during the summer. Altogether you have a whopping 2,550 city bikes at your disposal.

Valid until 31.10.2018, unlimited 30 minute rides, 1 bike
+ overage fees
Today +6 days, unlimited 30-minute rides, 1 bike
+ overage fees
24h, unlimited 30-minute bike rides, 1–4 bikes, €5 each
+ overage fees

This is how it works



Pay for a daily, weekly or annual pass.

You will be given a personal cyclist ID and a PIN code for collecting your bike.



Find the nearest available bike. You can see the stations and bike availability on a map here. Off you go!



You can do as many rides as you want, up to 30 minutes each. Extra charges apply for longer journeys.

Adjust the saddle height, check the brakes and get going. Keep a good attitude and follow the traffic rules!



Return the bike to any city bike station. When the bike is secured to the rack and the bike says OK for a successful return process, your responsibility for the bike is over. You can return the bike to a station with no free space if "Return" can be chosen on the bike screen.

Find a city bike

See the city bike stations on a map and find an available bicycle.

Customer service and feedback

CityBike Finland Oy
Tel. +358 9 425 788 10
(Mon–Fri 7AM–7PM, Sat–Sun 9AM–5PM)

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